• Need a new MMA workout for 2022?

  • Don't have time to plan a routine?

  • Want to get solid reps without all the hassle?

  • Ready to program your muscle memory with effective Mixed Martial Arts striking, wrestling, and ground n' pound?

  • Looking to get fight ready and elevate your conditioning?

Sakan's MMA Workout Tape 


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Sakan Lam of Core Combat Chiang Mai

Hi! I'm Sakan Lam, Founder and Head Instructor of Core Combat Chiang Mai.

Besides being a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts I've been training and competing in various combat sports, including Submission Wrestling, Full-Contact Karate, and MMA. In my opinion, competition is a great way to test your skills and improve your overall character, but it can be difficult to get started without the right guidance.

That's why I created this MMA Workout Tape for those who want to a solid Mixed Martial Arts workout but don't have the time or know-how to plan a comprehensive routine

You can play this audio track anywhere (from a device of your choice) and get a complete 5 round workout leaving you gassed out, but ready for more! Train it solo at home, or share it with your MMA training group for a fun team experience.

This program will help you get proficient and fight ready for competition by giving you high volume reps - the fundamentals of MMA Striking, Wrestling, and Ground n' Pound - all at the press of the 'play' button

So don't waste any time and get a head start in your Mixed Martial Arts training with your purchase of 'Sakan's MMA Workout Tape'!

Good luck in training, and remember, I'll be here every step of the way.

Thank you!

Special Membership Bonuses

  • Exclusive Private Members Facebook Group

    Purchasing Sakan's MMA Workout Tape will give you exclusive access to our members-only Facebook Group. This will grant you a direct connection to Sakan and his Team, advanced students and fellow online members all over the world. You can ask questions, access additional training materials, and much more.

  • New Material and Regular Updates

    We will regularly share new study material for MMA and from the other Martial Arts we teach at Core Combat Chiang Mai. Clips from our daily classes, short instructional videos, interesting study materials and more.


  • Do I need any sort of experience before enrolling in this course?

    Some experience in Mixed Martial Arts or combat sports is helpful in this workout! There are demo videos of Sakan doing the workout so you'll be able to follow along better. Trust me, you will grow more adept with time and practice.

  • I'm already an experienced martial artist, can I benefit from this workout?

    Definitely! We trialled this course with some of our most experienced students and active MMA fighters, they all reported improvements with their balance, explosive movement and power as a direct result of following this workout program.

  • Does this program offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, if you're not 100% satisfied with the program we'll be glad to offer you a full refund within 1 month of purchase.