Emergency Self-Defense Online

Level I

  • Arm yourself with the tools of Emergency Self-Defense, a practical system of combatives and self-protection designed to keep you safe during potentially violent encounters
  • Course includes: Self-Defense Theory & Awareness Concepts, Self-Defense Stances, Non-Telegraphic Striking Technique, Standing Grappling, Escapes from Various Holds and Restraints
  • Essential course for those looking to study Martial Arts & Self-Defense long-term in Chiang Mai, Thailand through the ED Visa program at Core Combat Chiang Mai
  • Full course outline available, giving you direct access to our exclusive Emergency Self-Defense Level I curriculum

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Emergency Self-Defense Course!

    • ESD Promo Video

    • A message from the instructors

    • Download the ESD Manual Level I

    • Required materials

    • Before we begin

  • 2

    ESD Strategy

    • Key Elements of Self-Defense

    • Cooper's Color Codes

    • The Martial Umbrella

  • 3

    Basic Positions

    • ESD Stances

  • 4

    ESD Striking

    • ESD Basic Strikes

    • Pad Holding for Basic Strikes

    • ESD Basic Kicks

    • Pad Holding for Basic Kicks

  • 5

    Standing Grappling

    • Arm Drag to Choke Hold

    • Wrist / Bicep Pummelling

    • Indexed Attachment

  • 6

    Striking Defense

    • Overhand Right Defense

  • 7

    Wrist Grab Defense

    • Straight Wrist Grab Escape

    • Straight Wrist Grab Counter

    • Cross Wrist Grab Escape

    • Cross Wrist Grab Counter

  • 8

    Push / Shove Defense

    • Single Arm Push Defense

    • Double Arm Push Defense

  • 9

    Choke Defense

    • Single Hand Choke Defense

    • Double Hand Choke Defense

  • 10

    Taking the next steps

    • Before you go...

    • Resources and further reading

    • Review the Course

    • Join the Exclusive Core Combat Chiang Mai Online Facebook Group

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Level I

Hi! I'm Sakan Lam, Founder and Head Instructor of Core Combat Chiang Mai.

Throughout my years of martial arts training, I've recognized that finding a legitimate self-defense instructor is extremely difficult, yet I've been fortunate enough to have been mentored by some of the best in the industry. For that reason, I wanted to share with you the most important techniques, drills, and concepts that I've learned from all my years of study and application - with the ultimate goal of improving the sense of security and well-being for you and your family.

With Emergency Self-Defense Online, you'll be able to access the course material from anywhere in the world to share with your training partners and friends. I guarantee that your skill sets and awareness will reach new levels, as did mine when I began my practice of this practical self-defense system!

Good luck in training, and remember, I'll be here every step of the way. Thank you!

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Sakan Lam of Core Combat Chiang Mai

"Recommend it for anyone who wants to pick up a highly useful life skill."

Myat Su San, Emergency Self-Defense Practitioner

'Currently enrolled in emergency self-defense class, and learning much more than I had expected to. The basic self-defense principles should be common knowledge for any individual to be self reliant, and the training is useful for all levels of learners. Coaches are fantastic, the staff are always kind and helpful, and the visa process is smooth. Recommend it for anyone who wants to pick up a highly useful life skill.'


  • Do I need any sort of experience before enrolling in this course?

    No prior experience in martial arts or sports is necessary to get started! You will grow more adept with time and practice.

  • Do I have to purchase this course to join and study Emergency Self-Defense at Core Combat Chiang Mai?

    No, this course is a supplementary guide to your training for the Self-Defense ED Visa Course at Core Combat Chiang Mai.

  • How long will it take for me to master Self-Defense?

    Just like learning any language, mastery of a martial art happens over a lifetime. With enough training and effort, this course should make you proficient in the basics of Self-Defense within a matter of weeks.

  • I'm already an experienced martial artist, can I benefit from this course?

    Definitely! We've trialed this course with some very experienced martial artists and combat sports athletes, in which they all remarked on improvements in their levels of situational awareness and their understanding of self-protection.

  • Can I get my instructor certificate from this course?

    If you're looking to start or progress your path to becoming an instructor, this course is an excellent way to do so. However, this course alone will not grant you an instructor's certificate.

  • Who have been your Self-Defense instructors?

    I've been very fortunate to study with several reputable and experienced Self-Defense & Combatives Instructors, such as; Sifu Tylus Quan Do of Core Combat Unlimited, Mr. Lee Morrison of Urban Combatives, and Mattias Persson of M.A.T.T. Combatives.

  • Does this course offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, if you're not 100% satisfied with the course, we'll be glad to offer you a full refund within 1 month of purchase.